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David Weale

David Weale grew up in Greenmount, PEI after he and his family moved there when he was a young boy. In his youth, Weale was fascinated by PEI’s oral traditions and folklore, and he made a career out of his interest by participating in the musical and storytelling traditions of the island. Weale started teaching at the University of Prince Edward Island in 1975, and was a professor of provincial and Canadian history. He retired from teaching in 2006, but he continues to tell stories at festivals and community gatherings around the island.

Awards and Honours: 

Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation Award of Honour for Outstanding Contribution to Prince Edward Island Heritage, 2003

Principal Residences: 

Greenmount, PEI; Charlottetown, PEI


The True Meaning of Crumbfest (1999)

Everything that Shines (2001)

Three Tall Trees (2004)

Doors in the Air (2008)


The True Meaning of Crumbest (2000)