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The City Speaks in Drums

TitleThe City Speaks in Drums
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsGrant, Shauntay, and Susan Tooke
Number of Pages30
PublisherNimbus Pub.
DescriptorsChildren's Writing; Colour; Halifax; Illustrated; Multiculturalism; Music; Nova Scotia, Black Canadians; Picture Book; Poetry, Rhythm

Two boys travel around Halifax, Nova Scotia, and discover the sounds of the city. This picture book depicts the sights and sounds of urban Halifax and celebrates the city’s musical and multicultural diversity. Shauntay Grant’s text is written in the style of spoken-word poetry as it subverts grammar and highlights rhythmic flow. Susan Tooke’s high-saturation colour images illustrate many of Halifax’s recognizable landmarks. Both Shauntay Grant and Susan Tooke live in Halifax.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


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James Langer