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Carrie's Camping Adventure

TitleCarrie's Camping Adventure
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsChoyce, Lesley, and Mark Thurman
Series TitleFirst novels: The new series 17
CityHalifax, N.S
ISBN Number0887805345 (pbk.)
DescriptorsAdventure; Camping; Chapter Book; English Language; Fear; Nova Scotia; Novel; Reading

After reading about the Amazon rain forest, Carrie and Laura decided that they would like to go camping and Carrie's mother agrees to take them. They forget the food, so Carrie, Laura, Ernie and Joe find themselves alone in the woods for several hours, while Carrie's mother goes for provisions. They have many adventures, grow very frightened, and demonstrate their resourcefulness in a challenging situation. This illustrated chapter book by Nova Scotia author Lesley Choyce, published in Nova Scotia, is the third book about Carrie.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


Author Profile: 

Choyce’s “Carrie” series follows the conflicts and adventures of a young girl named Carrie. In Carrie’s Camping Adventure, Carrie begs her mother to go camping, but forgets to bring the food and games. Carrie learns to find excitement through her imagination and to cope with mistakes.