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Carrie Loses her Nerve

TitleCarrie Loses her Nerve
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsChoyce, Lesley, and Mark Thurman
Series TitleFirst novels: the new series 26
CityHalifax, N.S
ISBN Number0887805914 (pbk.)
DescriptorsChapter Book; English Language; Identity; Music; Nova Scotia; School

Ernie and Joe have a band, and after some persuading, agree to let Carrie sing for them. At their first concert, she is a huge success, but when they go back to school and she tells everyone what she did during her summer holidays, the cool kids make fun of her and suddenly she becomes very shy. A talent show is announced, but Carrie is afraid to participate. With Joe, Ernie and Laura's help, however, Carrie overcomes her stage fright and performs admirably. This illustrated chapter book by Nova Scotia author Lesley Choyce, published in Nova Scotia, is the fourth book about Carrie.


Nova Scotia

Age Range


Author Profile: 

Choyce’s “Carrie” series follows the conflicts and adventures of a young girl named Carrie. In Carrie Loses Her Nerve, Carrie is taunted by the “popular” kids when she sings with her brother’s band, and loses confidence in her ability to speak in front of her classmates. In the end, she overcomes her fears by competing in the talent show.