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Bubba Begonia, You've Done it Again!

TitleBubba Begonia, You've Done it Again!
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsO'Brien, Gerry, and Dale McNevin
Number of Pages87
PublisherAcorn Press
CityCharlottetown, PEI
ISBN Number9781894838368 :
DescriptorsHumour; Teachers

The third in the Bubba Begonia series, this chapter book is set at the beginning of the school year. Bubba excitedly heads back to school but is surprised to see that his favourite teacher, Miss Pimple, has been replaced by the evil Miss Whackenbash. The author, Gerry O’Brien, lives in Argyle Shore, PEI, and Dale McNevin, the illustrator, lives in Charlottetown. The book is published by Acorn Press, PEI.


Prince Edward Island

Age Range


Author Profile: 

It's the start of another school year, and something is wrong at Bubba's school. Bubba’s new teacher, Miss Whackenbash, is awful! She is mean to all the children, and gives them more work than they could possibly handle. She is so demanding and forceful that she keeps scaring Bubba into sticking his finger up his nose! Bubba and his friends are desperate to get help, and try everything they can think of to get Miss Whackenbash to leave, or at least be a little bit nicer. Who will be the one to finally get rid of the awful new teacher?