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Bubba Begonia, You'll Be Sorry!

TitleBubba Begonia, You'll Be Sorry!
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsO'Brien, Gerry, and Brenda Jones
Number of Pages76
PublisherAcorn Press
CityCharlottetown, P.E.I
ISBN Number1894838238
DescriptorsChapter Book; English Language; Friendship; Moving

Bubba Begonia is nervous about his first day at a new school and when Bubba gets nervous, he can’t help the terrible habit of sticking his finger up his nose. However, today there is another problem: Bubba’s finger gets stuck and he has to enlist the help of other members of his class, the teacher, and his little sister to get it out. Bubba learns that everyone has quirks that they might be embarrassed about and ends up making lots of new friends at his new school. Author, Gerry O’Brien currently lives and works on Prince Edward Island.


Prince Edward Island

Age Range


Author Profile: 

Bubba Begonia has a problem. Whenever he feels nervous, he has to stick his finger in his nose. Bubba’s mother warns him that if he is unable to break this habit he will end up with his finger stuck in his nose. Even at school his quirky classmates nickname Bubba, "Nose Jockey" because of his habit. When Bubba starts a new school year at a new school he tries hard to be on his best behavior, but when the beautiful teacher Miss Pimple asks everyone to introduce themselves, Bubba begins to get nervous. By the time it is Bubba’s turn to speak he is so nervous that he has stuck his finger so far up his nose that it has become stuck. Everyone tries to help Bubba get his finger out of his nose, but with no luck, so it is up to Bubba’s little sister Becky to come to her brother’s rescue. The black and white pencil illustrations, by Brenda Jones, serve as title images to accompany each new chapter and give a preview of that chapter's storyline.


"Like it had a mind of its own, Bubba's finger rose from the table and disappeared up his nose. He ignored the bowl of Cracklin' Sugar Babies that sat in front of him and glanced up at the kitchen clock. In one hour and seven minutes he would be starting grade four at a brand new school.
      Mrs. Begonia stood at the stove stirring a pot of oatmeal. She glanced over her shoulder at Bubba.
      'Bubba Begonia! Don't be messing with your nose! Your finger'll get stuck and then you'll be sorry!'
      Bubba jammed his hand under his butt ... It was a nasty habit Bubba had picked up many years ago. Whenever he started to worry or get nervous, his finger would head straight to his nose. A lot of kids' fingers would head straight for their mouths and they'd darn near bite their fingernails right off. Nobody seemed to care about the nail biters, but they sure went nuts when your finger hit your nose" (12-13).