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B is for Bluenose : A Nova Scotia Alphabet

TitleB is for Bluenose : A Nova Scotia Alphabet
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsTooke, Susan
Number of Pages1
PublisherSleeping Bear Press
DescriptorsAlphabet Book; English Language; Illustrated; Nova Scotia; Picture Book; Poetry; Vocabulary

In this alphabet picture book, nouns chosen for each letter have a connection to Nova Scotia. Each letter is accompanied by a short rhyming poem that is more suited to younger readers as well as an informative paragraph about the noun that is better suited to more advanced readers. The nouns include place names, such as the Annapolis valley; objects, like eel grass; important events, such as immigration; and natural phenomena, including the Nor’easter. The colourful illustrations realistically and inclusively represent the letters. Writer and illustrator, Susan Tooke, lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia

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Chasity St. Louis

Author Profile: 

Tooke’s Nova Scotia alphabet book includes images, short poems, and detailed information about various aspects of life in Nova Scotia. This book includes lesser known characteristics about the province, such as its racial diversity and unique wildlife.