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An Audience of Chairs

TitleAn Audience of Chairs
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsClark, Joan
ISBN Number9780676976564
Author Profile: 

Moranna Mackenzie has always been beautiful, talented, and a little eccentric. In truth, her unusual tendencies were inherited from her mother – Moranna, like her mother, is bipolar. Protected by her father, and generally accepted by everyone else, Moranna grows up without any worry of her occasionally strange behaviour. Eventually, she marries Duncan, but early into their marriage Moranna spirals out of control. She endangers the life of her children, and her family is forced to admit to her problems. Moranna’s husband leaves, her children are taken away, and Moranna is taken to an institution. Over the years, Moranna deals with her disease until one day she sees her daughter on television. Bonnie has grown up, and is getting married. Moranna decides that a wedding surprise will be what everyone needs.